Faculty of Civil Engineering - Overview

“Faculty of Civil Engineering” is a conglomeration of academicians, scientists, researchers, consultants and experts from the various fields of civil engineering that include Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering and Water Resource Engineering. A student centric approach combined with a research driven atmosphere are some ethics which make the department work towards innovation and consistent betterment. Regular conduction of seminars, workshops, site visits, trainings and various other value addition courses hold a relevant weightage in the working of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. The department offers courses like B.Tech in Civil Engineering, M.Tech in Environmental Engineering and Structural Engineering, M.Sc in Environmental Sciences and PhD in Environmental Engineering and Structural Engineering. The PhD scholars are engaged in active research work with publications in reputed journals.

The Faculty of Civil Engineering has well-equipped labs, well-structured semester wise curriculum supported by practical labs in all the core theory subjects. Syllabus is designed from practical and competitive point of view and to meet the demand of Industry. Research oriented subjects are introduced for P.G. Students and access to online journals is available. The evaluation process is continuously monitored and is transparent, where all academic related activities are updated on ERP system. Moreover, the department has national and international collaborations with various organizations and is actively engaged in consultancy work for a variety of projects thereby promoting an innovation driven working methodology. Regular participation in conferences across the globe by the faculty members enhances the requisites of a research oriented study environment with excellent laboratory availabilities for their assistance.

The achievement of students in co-curricular activities including cultural events, sports and technical events are noteworthy and acknowledgeable. The placement of students in various departments at national and international platforms with high percentage of students qualifying for GATE and other technical and non-technical exams forms a strong foundation of Faculty of Civil Engineering. FoCE is continuously involved in upgrading the teaching-learning process and environment by implementing innovative teaching learning methods, motivating faculty members and students to publish quality research work, to develop working models/prototypes based on the technical skills acquired in the entire course span.

“Keep your Eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” with this motto the Faculty of Civil Engineering believes in consistent effort’s to create, craft and mould for the development of our society.