22-11-2019 Er. Nitesh Kumar, State Head, Mycem cement Types & Properties of Cement
17-10-2019 Er. Vivek Agrawal, Director, CAD Desk Civil Engineering Software
02-06-2019 Er. Deepak Singh from CAD DESK Lucknow Drafting and 3D Modeling
29-11-2018 Mr. Girish Kumar from PCRA Lucknow Energy Conservation and Audit
29-11-2018 By JetKing In Computer Hardware
27-10-2018 By STPI In Security Issues
13-09-2018 By UPTEC In Data Science
09-03-2018 By HCL In Network Management
06-08-2018 Mr. Girish Kumar Energy Efficiency & Conservation
14-03-2018 Mr. Mahesh Pradhan Autocad Electical & Human Machine Interface
16-09-2017 Prof. R.S.Pant Aircraft Flying & Maneuvering
25-03-2017 Mr. Ram Das The Role of Turbines in Power Generation
17-02-2020 Mrs. Neeta Bhusal Sharma, Assistant Professor, SRMU, Barabanki Mobile ad hoc network
02-02-2019 Dr. Pritam Suman, Assoc Professor, Integral University AdHoc and Sensor Network
30-11-2018 Dr. Bineet Gupta Role of Big Data in Green Communication for Digital Society to Utilize Relevant Information
22-10-2018 Prof. Baidyanath Labh, Vice Chancellor of Nava Nalanda Mahavihara University, Bihar Pali and Early Buddhism
19-9-2018 Mr. Vipin Khattri, Asst Professor, SRMU Integrating Evolutionary multi Objective Optimization in Developing Fuzzy Systems
14-9-2018 Dr. N.P.Rajiv, Vice-Chairman National Innovative Foundation. Face to Face Interaction with leader of Innovation in India
10-09-2018 Prof. S.P.Gautam, Chairman of Project Evaluation Committee, National Mission for Clean Ganga, New Delhi Scientific contents in Ramayan
11-04-2018 Mr. Amit Tripathi, Manager MTA India Application Development with Android
23-04-2018 Mr. Sanjeev Srivastav, HCl Technologies Ltd DBA-Roles and Responsibilities
24-04-2018 Mr. Nimesh Mehta, Network Admintrator Odyssey Computers Networking in Real Sense
09-03-2018 Mr. Saurabh Kumar, Project Manager, Ricoh India Ltd. SPM-Expectatoin & Reality
16-02-2018 Dr. Promila Bahadur, Asst Prof. DCA, SRMU Data Science and Machine Translation
20-02-2018 Mr. Ashok Masih, Asst Prof. DCA, SRMU PHP
21-8-2019 Mr. A.K.Singh, Director, Helpage India Issues of Elderly and Possible solutions
25-4-2019 Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla, Director-Deshpande Foundation Indian Youth : Future path towards building entrepreneurs & entrepreneurial mindset
03-09-2019 Dr. A.B.Pant, Principal Scientist, CSIR-IITR, Lucknow Good Laboratory Practices: A quality system in science
05-03-2020 iCARE Awareness on Sudden Cardiac Arrest
30-01-2019 CETPA Infotech, Lucknow IoT
25-09-2018 Iconic Education Services How to Prepare for Competitive Exams
30-10-2018 Er. Vaibhav Agrawal, Engineer Assistant, AIR Digital Radio Mondiale
19-03-2018 Er. Mohit Sharma, CETPA Infotech, Lucknow Advancements in Robotics And Embedded Systems
20-09-2017 Er. Piyush Sharma, Senior Telecomm. Officer BSNL Advancements in OFC Transmission Systems and Cellular Mobile Telecom Services