The innovations in agriculture driven by investment in education and research, quality education and efficient extension infrastructure led to advent of green revolution way back in 1965 and the country moved from food deficient to net food surplus economy.

We have grown from strength to strength and now we are in position to feed our growing population, which is expected to be largest in the world by 2035 with the current rate of growth. Consequently, the need of the hour is to create adequate capacity of efficient education infrastructure for generating quality graduates and postgraduates in the field of agriculture in the country to give a fillip to agricultural and allied sectors development and management of new technology generation and adoption. The Indian Council of Agricultural Sciences has already recognized the BSc.(Hons.) Agriculture (Four Years duration) as a professional Degree with consequential benefits to the Students. SRMU is making concerted efforts to establish Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Technology on its campus on Deva Road, Barabanki. It has already started a four year programme of BSc.(Hons.) Agriculture. The degree incorporates all the Fifth Dean’s Committee of the ICAR on Agriculture Education recommendations on course curricula and syllabus. It also plans to follow Student Ready (Rural Entrepreneurship Development Yojana) approach comprising Experimental Learning/Hands down Training; Skill Development Training; Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE) incorporating field Training/Industrial Attachment, etc.

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