Mathematics– key of the Science
"All Science as it Grows Towards Perfection becomes Mathematical in Its Ideas"

Mathematics is the key of Science, "A Science is exact only if employs Mathematics". Mathematics has played a very important role in building up modern civilization by perfecting all Sciences. Mathematics has a beauty all of its own. In an increasingly complex world it is also the essential infrastructure which is supporting science, engineering, business and commerce.

So, Mathematics is not only interesting and challenging but relevant also, as it can prepare students for great jobs by bridging the gap between technology and society in a wide variety of places along with higher studies prospects.

The Faculty of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences is unique in nature for its interdisciplinary, UG and PG programs. The soul of all departments came into existence in the academic year 2012. It started flourishing and owned the glory of great success in the field of teaching and research under the able guidance of teachers in the subsequent years. The Faculty's academic programs led to B.Sc.(Honors), M.Sc. (Mathematics) and Ph.D. degrees in a wide range of areas.

The Faculty of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences is one of the most important Faculty of the Institute. In addition to a rigorous curriculum, the Faculty offers a vibrant environment for students. As per the need of the hour the Faculty gives exposure of many software’s like MATLAB, LATEX, MATHEMATICA, SCILAB etc.

In addition to teaching and research, faculty members have been keenly engaged in organizing guest lectures, National and International conferences, Webinars, Quizzes and so many extra-curricular activities. Faculty also plays a substantial and innovative role in bringing mathematical science to the community.

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