Physics deals with the physical world (from the largest galaxies to the smallest subatomic particles) that is around us, inside us and beyond us. Physics is the most basic and fundamental science that not only challenges our imaginations but also captivates us since ages because of its great storytelling characteristics. One such is the idea of motion later explored and developed into classical mechanics which was revisited to propose relativistic mechanics and so far the final proposal is quantum mechanics. Similarly the unification scheme of four fundamental interactions (gravitational, electromagnetic, weak and strong) is another success story of physics.

Physics leads to great inventions which have revolutionized the world such as electric bulb, telephone, batteries, transistor, television, computers, laser, diagnostic tools - CT scan or MRI, mobile, electron microscopes etc.

Physicists aren’t limited to the ‘basic sciences’ only, rather increasingly entering in the life sciences including molecular biology, genetics and neurobiology; in earth, atmospheric and ocean science; in finance and economics; and even in medicine as medical physicists.

So, physics is not only interesting and challenging but relevant also, as it can prepare students for great jobs by bridging the gap between technology and society in as wide variety of places along with many higher studies prospects.

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