Institute of Education and Research, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University offers Bachelor's degree course. Institute tries its best to produce teachers embodied with traditions values and also modern enough to keep pace with changing trend of the society.

Institute of Education and Research has been fulfilling the cherished dream of the founder of the University who attached great importance to teacher education. The Institute focuses on expertise in research to equip its pupil teachers with an innovative and creative understanding of learning and teaching.

The Institute is dedicated to provide a conducive environment and develop a reverence for education. Our objective is to offer a diverse academic curriculum, wide array of extra and co- curricular activities and continuously strive to enhance the intellect of the students.

It is our endeavor to establish such a quality conscious institute which focuses on excellence driven by values, success strengthened by ethics to develop skilled, enlightened and sensitized future teachers.

The Institute has very high prospects to prepare skilled teachers equipped with integrated approach for competitive exams for primary, upper primary, secondary, senior secondary and higher education.

The motivational force working behind the all round development of students for attainment of quality education, the Institute provides a congenial atmosphere where sound work ethics, self-discipline and development of independent learning skills are well cultivated.

Here at IER, we endeavour to impart training for enhancement and updation of knowledge for improving the competency level of the students as trained graduates. The aim here is to raise the standard of education by improving the attitudes, increased application of knowledge and strengthen teaching skills among the students. To grow into a premier institute of resources, research, educational technology and expertise is the key motive of the Institute. The basic function of the Institute is to help in bringing out excellence and innovations in the field of education and increase the professional proficiency of students with a value-centric outlook.

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