Institute of Agricultural Sciences & Technology


Brief Overview :

The Institute of Agricultural Sciences & Technology is committed to provide highly job oriented courses and the curriculum is designed to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship and research. We have faculty members recruited from the premier institutes & universities in the field of Agriculture Science with sufficient experience in teaching and practical application, bringing creativity, experience, and expertise to build and execute career-targeted learning programs.

Our undergraduate programs are pedagogically designed and the execution of teaching learning processes is performed with the aid of state-of-the-art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories, extensive hands-on training and an operational research management system.

Aims :

  • Offering the students a good understanding of the basic principles of agriculture to make agricultural education reactive to the developing and varying needs of the farming community in particular
  • Making students appreciate that Agriculture is a subject of central and practical importance, contributing to both basic and applied research in industry
  • Encouraging students to develop intellectual independence, critical thinking skills and versatility.

Objectives :

  • Consolidate the student’s training in agriculture science to enhance and promote agricultural, environmental and social sustainability
  • Develop the practical skills of students to enhance their observational skills and aid them in evaluating, analyzing and optimizing agriculture based design and development.