International Conferences

1st International Literary Conference

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University organized the First Internatinal Literary Conference (Sponsored by the University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy & South Asian Diaspora International Researcher's Network, Monash University , Australia). This conference, The Cultures of New India was a two day event. It witnessed some of the distinguished speakers from around the globe like Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Janet Wilson, Tabish Khair, Joel Kuortti, Florian Stadtler, Veronica Thompson and many more.

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2nd International Literary Conference

The theme this time is "Rethinking the Global South : Literature, Culture & Media". Taking inspiration from its glorious and highly successful First International Literary Conference, which witnessed a wide spectrum of participants both national and international and where pioneers of the literature world like Mr.Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Tabish Khair and more graced the occasion.This two day International Conference seeks to revisit and rethink the conceptual framework of the Global South by asking about the benefactors in the global capitalism, the affect of globalization, bridging the north-south divide, etc.

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Kitaab Literary Festival

KITAAB literary festival, organised by SRMU, focuses on the theme of ‘micro-literature’ in collaboration with Kitaab, which was founded by journalist and writer Zafar Anjum in 2005 in Singapore. is an esteemed organisation that offers a promising worldwide pedestal not only to the budding authors but also to the editors and publishers. Extending from the areas of literary fiction and translation to filmmaking, Kitaab caters to all genres in English and other South Asian languages.

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