MBA in Disaster Management

MBA in Disaster Management

MBA in Disaster Management is a dual degree programme designed to develop the skills required for careers in disaster management. This course offers an opportunity to understand and adopt interdisciplinary approach to learning. Students are offered a spectrum of disaster management related aspects to have a holistic approach towards disaster management. After two years student will get Master of Business Administration in Disaster Management Degree.

Programme Structure:

Year 2
Programme Structure MBA in Disaster Management

Program Objectives (PO):

The objectives of MBA in Disaster Management are:
  • PO1: To remember the conceptual knowledge with an integrated approach to various functions of disaster management.
  • PO2: To develop effective communication and presentation skills required to become a successful professional.
  • PO3: To analyze and apply research and analytical skills in business decision making.
  • PO4: To demonstrate the skills of organizing, planning, controlling, and team-building and leadership in the challenging environments of Disaster Management.
  • PO5: To apply the various concepts, theories and models in the area of Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Prevention and Disaster Response and Rehabilitation etc.
  • PO6: To devise the humanitarian and ethical values required for being socially responsible and environmental sensitive professional in business.

Programme Learning Outcomes

The students of MBA in Disaster Management will be able to:

  • PLO1: Management knowledge: Apply the knowledge of basic concepts and theories of management to solve problems.
  • PLO2: Communication: Communicate effectively during formal communication and presentation necessary for a management professional.
  • PLO3: Technical Knowledge: Create, select, and apply appropriate techniques, modern management and IT tools in complex management activities with an understanding of its limitations.
  • PLO4: Investigation of Business Problems: Summarize and apply the research based knowledge and practical exposure in the real business world.
  • PLO5: Entrepreneurial Perspective: Identify, assess and shape entrepreneurial opportunities and evaluate their potential for business success.
  • PLO6: Environment and Sustainability: Combine the professional management solutions in societal and environmental contexts and demonstrate the knowledge for sustainable development.
  • PLO7: Leadership Skills: Participate and contribute in organizations, businesses, consulting projects or internship opportunities as an integral part of programme.
  • PLO8: Ethics: Apply ethical principles and committed to professional ethics and responsibilities of management practices.
  • PLO9: Global Perspective: Enhance ability to assess and evaluate the dynamics of internal and external elements of the competitive global environment.
  • PLO10: Area Specific Expertise: Apply various concepts, models etc. in the functional areas of business like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, area of Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Prevention and Disaster Response and Rehabilitation etc. in the organization as per area of interest.
  • PLO11: Cross-Disciplinary Integration and Strategic Perspective: Conceptualize, organize and resolve complex disaster management problems by using the limited resources available.
  • PLO12: Legal Knowledge: Apply the knowledge related to the various laws relating to disaster management and humanitarian relief etc.

Programme Specific Outcomes

  • PSO1: Acquire Practical learning opportunity through summer internship, industrial visit and research projects.
  • PSO2: Apply in-depth knowledge in their core elective area of specialization like Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, area of Disaster Risk Reduction, Disaster Prevention and Disaster Response and Rehabilitation etc. to solve the complex challenges in disaster situations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate must have passed Graduation or equivalent system in any discipline from any recognized University or AICTE recognized Institute/College with minimum aggregate marks of 50% or CGPA of 5.5 for Gen/OBC category and 45% marks or CGPA of 5.0 for SC/ST Category.

MBA in Disaster Management

Duration (in year) 1 2
1. Tuition Fee Rs. 1,18,000/- Rs. 1,18,000/-
2. Examination Fee Rs. 11,250/- Rs. 11,250/-
3. Other Fees (Registration, Library, etc.) Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/-
Development Fund Rs. 11,750/- Rs. 11,750/-
Course Fee Rs.1,50,000/- Rs.1,50,000/-
Caution Money Rs. 5,000/- -
Total Fee Rs.1,55,000/- Rs.1,50,000/-
Hostel Fees
(Fees + Caution Money)
Rs. 75000/- + Rs. 5000/- = Rs. 80000/-
Transportation Cost = Rs. 24,000/-

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Career Prospects:

1. MBA in Disaster Management– After successfully completing MBA in Disaster Management students have following opportunities:

  • Work as managers in various Government PSUs, Private Companies and PO/Specialist Officers in Banks.
  • Start own enterprising unit/business.
  • Pursue Doctoral Programme in Management.