BA- Economics (Hons.)

BA- Economics (Hons.)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)- Economics (Honours) is a 3 Years Undergraduate Course under CBCS system at SRMU. The program is intended to provide a strong foundation to the students in the field of Economics and Business and to develop their critical thinking to guide them for pursuing higher studies and choose a suitable career. It also aims to impart basic understanding of Economics, Sociology and Political Science with a balanced and harmonized approach. The students are exposed to core economics in order to understand economic problems and institutions, and with the analytical tools to apply the knowledge to contemporary problems. This program envisions effective innovative teaching and learning methods such as projects, classroom discussions, practical training through field visits, case studies and presentations.

Programme Objectives (PO):

The objective of the programme are:

  • PO1:To impart basic understanding of Economics, Sociology and Political science with a balanced and harmonized approach.
  • PO2:To develop the capacity to comprehend, analyse and evaluate issues pertaining to national and global economic issues and assess the impact on micro and macro environment.
  • PO3:To enable in visualizing pertinent issues on socio-economic and socio political dimensions.
  • PO4:To develop an understanding of Statistical and Econometric tools and their application in applied research.
  • PO5:To provide an in-depth competency in the core elective discipline of welfare, environmental and societal aspects.
  • PO6:To encourage moral and ethical reasoning in making various decision related to economyand nation development.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLO):

The expected outcomes after completing the program would be:

  • PLO1: Economic Knowledge: Understand economic concepts and policies related to real world problems.
  • PLO2: Problem analysis: Develop critical analysis with regard to socio-economic and socio- political issues and provide solutions to specific problems.
  • PLO3: Development of solutions: Develop an understanding and ability to interpret the behaviour of consumers, household, firms and government institutions.
  • PLO4: Conduct investigation of complex problems: Develop the capacity to carry out independent and original academic research in the field of Economics and demonstrate and defend their work.
  • PLO5: Modern tool usage: Apply relevant technical, econometric and statistical tools for critical thinking, data analysis and report generation.
  • PLO6: Welfare and Societal development : Analyse the impact of economic policies and make recommendations based on welfare and societal considerations.
  • PLO7: Environmental and sustainability: Understand the impact of economic activities and government policies in the context of environment protection and sustainable development.
  • PLO8: Communication: Communicate effectively on economic policies and issues and comprehend various reports and make effective presentations.
  • PLO9: Ethics: Develop a strong value system and recognize different ethical code of conduct while taking decisions.
  • PLO10: Critical thinking: Take informed actionsbased on economic theories and make objective analysis and evaluation in order to form a logical judgement.
  • PLO 11: Effective Citizenship: Inculcate empathetic social concern, humanitarian and harmonized approach and contribute to equity centred national development.
  • PLO12: Lifelong Learning: Recognize the need for implementation of the learning of various micro and macroeconomic theories and interdisciplinary approaches in the decision making.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • PSO1 :Understand the behaviour of Indian and World economy.
  • PSO2 :Analyse macroeconomic policies including fiscal and monetary policies of India.
  • PSO3 :Determine economic variables including inflation, unemployment, poverty, GDP, Balance of payment using statistical methods.

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate must have passed 10 + 2 or equivalent system from any recognized Central/State Board with Maths/Economics/Commerce or related subjects with minimum aggregate marks of 45% or equivalent grade for GEN/OBC and 40% marks or equivalent grade for SC/ST Category. Candidate should have secured pass marks in Maths/Economics/Commerce or related subjects.

BA- Economics (Hons.)

Duration (in year) 1 2 3
1. Tuition Fee Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 25,000/-
2. Examination Fee Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,000/-
3. Other Fees (Registration, Library, etc.) Rs. 7,000/- Rs. 7,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Development Fund Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,000/- Rs. 5,000/-
Course Fee Rs. 42,000/- Rs. 42,000/- Rs. 42,000/-
Caution Money Rs. 5,000/- - -
Total Fee Rs. 47,000/- Rs. 42,000/- Rs. 42,000/-
Hostel Fees
(Fees + Caution Money)
Rs. 75000/- + Rs. 5000/- = Rs. 80000/-
Transportation Cost = Rs. 24,000/-

Placed Student Details

Ayush Shaurya
BA(Economics) - Imprint Lab
Devanshi Garoo
BA(Economics) - R1RCM
Saurabh Agrawal
BA(Economics) - ICICI Group

Opportunities For BA- Economics (Hons.)

    After successfully completing BA Eco. (Hons.) students have following opportunities:
  • Work as Economic Analyst in Companies (financial and economic matters).
  • Pursue career in Higher Studies like MA Eco. or Masters in other related areas.
  • Pursue professional courses as MBA, MFC etc.
  • Various Government sector competitive exams-Indian Economic Services, RBI etc.
Education Career Job Career
  • MA Eco.
  • MBA
  • B. Ed.
  • Other Master Programmes
  • Economic Analyst in Govt. and Private Companies
  • Govt. Sector- IES, RBI, Banks etc.