Director's Profile

Name : Prof. (Dr) Mukul Misra

Designation : Director – Research & Consultancy- Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow-Deva Road, U.P.

Email Id :

Contact No :9554965595

Ext. No :440

Image not found! Dr Mukul Misra was born in Lucknow, India, on September 16, 1969. He received the Master’s Degree with specialization in Modern Optics from Lucknow University in 1993. In 1994, he qualified the National Eligibility Test (NET) conducted jointly by CSIR & UGC in India and received CSIR fellowship to work for his research work in National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi India in the year 1995. He was awarded PhD degree in ‘Microwave Electronics’ from the Delhi University in the year 2000 for his research work on ‘Microwave Characterization of High Temperature Superconductors by Resonant Techniques’.

Dr Mukul Misra joined Osaka University, Osaka, Japan as a Lecturer in Research Center for Superconductor Photonics (RCSUPER), in 2000, and later in 2001 he was awarded prestigious JSPS Post Doctoral Fellowship from the Government of Japan to carry out his research in the same University for the next two years. From the year 2004 he also served as Research Officer in the Institute of Laser Engineering in Osaka University. In this tenure he mainly worked for the THz time domain spectroscopy of ferroelectric thin films, THz generation and detection from high temperature superconductors, growth of ferroelectric thin films by pulsed laser deposition technique and development of tunable microwave devices.

In late 2005, he worked as a consultant with the Lucknow University for the establishment of the Institute of Material Science and later he served in Shree Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering & Management, Lucknow.

In early 2008 he joined University of Bath, UK as research Officer to work on the development of THz Metamaterial waveguides where he also developed the Near Field Probe for THz Near Field Microscopy. From mid 2010 to late 2012 he served as Facility Manager in the University of Warwick UK where his research focus was on RHEED assisted pulsed laser deposition of Oxide thin films and their in-situ characterization by XPS, STM and Q-Plus AFM techniques.

In late 2012 he returned back to India and joined Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University and at present he is serving Director of Research & Consultancy.

His current research includes THz microwave devices, THz imaging, THz time domain spectroscopy, nanotechnology, metamaterials, computer vision and image processing.

Dr Mukul Misra presented 25 research papers in International & National conferences and he has 23 publications in international refereed journals and 12 publications in conference proceedings.