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Computer Science is no more a branch now, it is a whole new world of emerging technologies that impact our lives. Industry is seeking young engineers who have knowledge of these technologies and have been trained on them by experts throughout their course work. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are two such futuristic technologies which will be helping companies manage their data, look for patterns and insights in information, deliver customer experiences, and optimize workflows.


Scope of Data Science:


Data Science is a broad field that has data at its core, as the name suggests. This data is accumulated, arranged and analyzed to examine its effect on businesses. Companies across all sectors of the industry have huge chunk of raw data which they want to convert in valuable information so that a better product or experience is created for the end customer.


Scope of Artificial Intelligence:


Artificial intelligence ultimate goal is to create computer programs that can solve problems and achieve goals just like human beings. Thus, there is a scope in developing machines in gaming, speech recognition, expert systems, robotics and many more.

Keeping in view the wide scope of these technologies in all sectors of the industry, SRMU has collaborated with IBM to launch B.Tech in CSE with Specialization in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. This program has been developed by the experts of IBM and university researchers, keeping in mind the need of competitive skills by the industry in future. It aims at developing skilled young professionals aiming the futuristic jobs and handsome remuneration, by the technology leader IBM.

Course Fee

Duration(in Year) 1 2 3 4
Tuition Fee Rs. 113,500/- Rs. 113,500/- Rs. 113,500/- Rs. 113,500/-
Examination Fee Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 13,750/-
Other Fees (Registration, Library etc.) Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/- Rs. 9,000/-
Development Fund Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 13,750/- Rs. 13,750/-
Caution Money Rs. 5,000/-
Total Fee Rs. 155,000/- Rs. 150,000/- Rs. 150,000/- Rs. 150,000/-
Hostel Fees (Fees + Caution Money) = Rs. 75,000/- + Rs. 5,000 /- = Rs. 80,000/-
Transportation Cost = Rs. 30,000/-