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Ensure a bright career after class 12 by studying media studies programs at SRMU

You can be sure of a bright future by choosing the media studies course after you pass your 12th grade. SRMU is a top-rated institution that offers a wide range of choices for students to choose from. We provide excellent infrastructure and support for students to build successful careers as top-rated journalists.

We have a well-knit Curriculum

Modules for advanced study are included in our curriculum of media studies program. We offer courses in journalism and mass communication. These areas are on the rise globally. Students gain real-world experience in journalism. We also have reliable professional networking systems for students. 

Top-notch facilities in the Campus

It is pleasing to learn that we offer top media laboratories and research to conduct mass communication projects. Advanced media systems and apparatuses build an engaging learning environment. 

Experienced Lecturers and Professors 

Our faculty members in our journalism and mass communication have a wide range of experience. The professors and lecturers guide every student to learn. We help students gain a better understanding of mass communication.

A Bright Career Ahead

SRMU's goodwill is assurance that students will get excellent jobs in media outlets and newsrooms upon completion of their courses.