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Top-rated and Career-oriented Engineering Programs after Polytechnic at SRMU

If you have completed your polytechnic studies, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (SRMU) gives you fantastic opportunities to pursue excellent programs in engineering studies. There are many options available at this reputable university that students can flexibly explore and choose. Students will experience an immersive learning path with academic support here. It prepares the students to build illustrious careers in various sectors in respective fields. 

Prolific Curriculum

The curriculum for every engineering degree is extensive. The university offers programs in mechanical, civil, electronics and communication, and electric drive (EV) engineering. Students gain and develop extensive knowledge in various fundamental and advanced engineering applications. There are well-knit theory and practical classes with hands-on experience. 

High-end facilities and infrastructure 

The university boasts top-class laboratories equipped with modern equipment sets, apparatuses, engineering tools, and research frameworks. Students find the infrastructural facilities advanced and suitable for deeper learning, experiments, and publishable research. 

Experienced and Qualified Faculty 

Our engineering departments have professors and lecturers with many years of experience. They guide the students in an intriguing learning environment. There is an assurance of valuable support to succeed in academic and corporate arenas. 

Fantastic Career Opportunities 

After getting their engineering degrees from SRMU, students can pursue rewarding careers in many industries, nationally and internationally. They can join multinational corporations, research institutes, or start-ups to build a stable professional future. SRMU focuses on internships and career placement.