Special Lecture on 'Ramayana: A Scientific Approach'
January 30, 2024

A special lecture series was organized by Shri Ramswaroop Vedic Science and Innovation Center at Shri Ramswaroop University, Lucknow Deva Road. The topic of the lecture was - Ramayana, a scientific approach, which was presented by Bhagwatcharya and Ram Katha connoisseur Dr. Prem Shankar Tripathi. In this lecture, Dr. Tripathi told about interesting facts of the Ramayana period like various weapons, aircraft, boats, telecommunication devices, stealth arrows which we today consider as sensor devices.

Dr. Tripathi told in his lecture that at that time only we used such scientific techniques. Special guests on this occasion included University Vice-Chancellor Dr. Devendra Kumar Sharma, Registrar Dr. Neerja Jindal, Director Prof. BM Dixit, Head of Department Prof. V.N. Pathak, Prof. Kulbhushan Singh was present. On this occasion, the Vice Chancellor honored the guest Dr. Tripathi by presenting him a special gift. Concluding the program Prof. VN Pathak expressed his gratitude and gratitude to everyone.