Minority Cell Minority Cell
Minority Cell
Minority Cell

The Minority Cell's purpose is to support and strengthen the minority groups in all of their extracurricular, co-curricular, and academic endeavors.

The cell helps students from these kinds of communities integrate into the mainstream by offering them support. In addition to serving other castes, creeds, and nationalities, the minority cell has been eager to meet the cultural and educational requirements of the minority.

Constitution of the Minority Cell

  • Prof. B.M. Dixit
  • Mr. Abhay Singh
  • Dr. Dilip Kumar


In case of any issue, please contact

Chairman/ Chairperson, Committee members OR

Mail at registrar.office@srmu.ac.in/ registrar@srmu.ac.in/ vc@srmu.ac.in OR

Register at https://srmu.ac.in/campus-life/grievance-redressal-system for Online Grievance Redressal