Second International Literary Conference Second International Literary Conference
Second International Literary Conference

The two day international conference on “Rethinking the Global South: Literatures, Cultures and Media” in collaboration with Challenging Precarity: A Global Network, UK was organized by the Department of Humanities & Social Sciences, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University. In the International Conference the effort was  to revisit and rethink the conceptual framework of the Global South by putting queries on; “does the Global South find itself a victim or a benefactor in the global capitalism, the methodology of the productions of the Global South compete the productions of the North, the different experiences of globalization within the Global South, the ways in which the globalization bridge the gap between the North and the South, is global south a promise or predicament in the process of globalization”. Eminent intellectuals like Prof.Janet Wilson (Northampton University, UK),Prof. Roderick McGillis(Calgary University, Canada), Dr. Halina Marlewicz (Jagiellonian University, USA), Prof. Lisa Bloom(UC Berkeley, California, USA) and many more such dignitaries across the national and international circuit would be part of the event.

The International Conference on "Rethinking the Global South: Literatures, Cultures, and Media," meticulously organized at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (SRMU), emerges as a dynamic forum for scholars, academics, and researchers to critically engage with the diverse narratives and expressions emanating from the Global South. With a focus on the literary, cultural, and media dimensions of regions often marginalized in mainstream discourses, this conference becomes a melting pot of ideas and perspectives. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions, and research paper presentations, participants explore the nuanced complexities and vibrant artistic expressions that characterize the Global South. Themes such as postcolonial studies, cultural identity, and the impact of media in shaping narratives are dissected, fostering a rich tapestry of interdisciplinary conversations.

The conference at SRMU not only reevaluates the historical and cultural legacies of the Global South but also serves as a catalyst for building bridges between academic disciplines. By bringing together scholars from various corners of the world, it encourages cross-cultural dialogues and collaborations that transcend geographical boundaries. The event plays a pivotal role in broadening academic discourse, fostering a deeper understanding of the Global South's rich tapestry, and contributing to a more inclusive and interconnected global intellectual community.