Faculty of Physical Sciences, Institute of Natural Sciences and Humanities, SRMU in collaboration with BERS, Sukrit Solar Pvt Limited and Gajah Solar Power Pvt. Limited organized the “SOLARIS 2020 - a National Conference on Sustainable Environment and Climate” from 7-9 February 2020. The Guest of honour in SOLARIS 2020 was Prof. Vineet Saini (DST, GOI) and Chief guest was Prof. A.S.K. Sinha (Director, RGIPT). More than 20 invited lectures, poster sessions and 6 technical sessions were conducted during the conference.

The National Conference on Sustainable Environment and Climate organized at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (SRMU) stands as a pivotal platform for scholars, researchers, and experts to converge and delve into crucial discussions surrounding environmental sustainability and climate change. With a focus on addressing contemporary environmental challenges, the conference provides a forum for the exchange of innovative ideas, cutting-edge research findings, and sustainable practices. Renowned experts and academicians from diverse fields share their insights, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between human activities and the environment.

The conference, hosted by SRMU, facilitates interdisciplinary collaborations, fostering a community of researchers dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to mitigate climate change impacts. From insightful keynote addresses to research paper presentations, the event promotes knowledge dissemination and encourages the adoption of eco-friendly practices. The National Conference on Sustainable Environment and Climate at SRMU serves not only as an academic gathering but also as a catalyst for the creation of actionable strategies that contribute to a more sustainable and resilient future in the face of environmental challenges.