TEDx SRMUInnovatia TEDx SRMUInnovatia
TEDx SRMUInnovatia

TEDxSRMUInnovatia, a dynamic event organized at Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University (SRMU), uniquely focuses on student participation through engaging Mock TEDx Talks and an Entrepreneurship Quiz. This platform empowers students to unleash their creativity and share innovative ideas in a simulated TEDx-style presentation, offering them a chance to articulate their visions, research findings, and projects. The Mock TEDx Talks foster a culture of public speaking, idea dissemination, and inspire a spirit of intellectual exploration among the student community.

In addition to the stimulating talks, TEDxSRMUInnovatia incorporates an Entrepreneurship Quiz designed to challenge students' knowledge and understanding of business and innovation. This interactive quiz not only encourages healthy competition but also serves as a valuable educational tool, enhancing students' comprehension of entrepreneurial concepts. By integrating these components, the event creates a vibrant atmosphere where students can showcase their intellectual prowess, explore their entrepreneurial potential, and contribute to the university's culture of innovation. TEDxSRMUInnovatia stands as a testament to SRMU's commitment to nurturing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of its students.