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- Notice: Instructions along with End Semester Examination Schedule for First Year Students

- IMP: Provisional Permission to appear in the End Semester Examination of Session 2020-21_Even Semester (Non registered Students)

- URGENT: Last opportunity for Online Registration regarding End Semester Examination and Result Processing

- Notice: Special Window for Online Registration regarding End Semester Examination/Result Processing All Students

- Instructions & Schedule regarding End Semester Examination (Session 2020-21) _Even Semester (For Second Year Onwards students including LL.M)

- Final Opportunity for Online Registration Form Submission for End Semester Examination (Session 2020-21_Even Semester)

- Result of Carryover Examination (Session 2020-21_Even Semester)

- Special Fee Concession on Complete Fee Submission: Session (2021-22)

- Result of Pre Ph.D. Course Work Examination (Session 2020-21)

- Instructions for the students along with the Schedule for Carryover Theory and Equivalence Examination (EVEN Semester_Session 2020-21).

- Notice 30_Result Declaration for First Year (Session 2020-21).

- Final opportunity for filling the Online Form for Carryover Examination (Even Semester)_Session 2020-21.

- Procedure of filling the Online Form for Carryover Examination (Even Semester)_Session 2020-21.

- Message From Hon'ble Pro Chancellor Ma'am

- Result of End Semester Examination Session 2020-21 (Odd Semester)

- Procedure for Scrutiny and Reevaluation

- Instructions and Schedule regarding Pre Ph.D. Course Work Examination (Session 2020-21)_Summer Term

- Final Result for Admission in Ph.D. Programme 2021 (Winter Term)

- Interview Schedule for Ph.D. Aspirants

- Result of Online Research Aptitude Test (RAT 2021)

- Revised Schedule of B. Tech CS in Cloud Computing/Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and B.Sc. (Agriculture) I Year Students

- Conduction of Online Research Aptitude Test - RAT 2021

- Commencement of Classes 2nd Year onwards Students

- Rescheduling of End Semester Examination for Dip ME, CE & EE Students

- Online Correction of Scholarship/Fee Reimbursement Form 2020-21

- Fee Submission for Zero fee payment defaulters for academic year 2020-21

- Instructions and Schedule regarding End Semester Examination of Session 2020-21_Odd Semester (Second Year Onwards Students)

- Fee Submission for All Students

- Submission of Total Course Fee (2020 - 21)

- Notice : Fee Submission (Only for 1st Year and Lateral Entry Students)

- Submission of Total Course Fee (2020 - 21)

- Notice Exam - Final Opportunity for Online Registration Form Submission for End Semester Examination (Kind Attn: Excluding I Year Students

- Notice Exam - Instructions for the students along with the Schedule for Carryover Theory Examination (ODD Semester_Session 2020-21)

- NSS Registration/ Renewal of Membership

- Procedure of filling Online Form for End Semester Examination (Session 2020-21)_Odd Sem_All the Regular Students

- Final Opportunity for Online Carryover Form Submission (All Eligible Students)

- Examination for Equivalence Cases (All Transferred Students) along with Prescribed Format

- Nationat Post-Matric & Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship Scheme (2020-21)

- Extension of Date regarding Fee Submission of Continuing Students (Session 2020-21)

- Implementation of New Courses

- Student Orientation Programme (SESSION: 2020-21) ODD SEMESTER

- Fee Submission for Result Withheld Students

- Fee Submission Schedule for Continuing Students (Session 2020-21)
Fee Submission Demo Link

- Scholarship/ Fee Reimbursement Timline (Session: 2020-21)

- University Helpline Numbers

- Tutorial video for online registration of regular examination form

- Special Waiver of 10% on Tuition Fee for the Session 2020-21


- Matter of Pride - GATE 2020 Achievers

- Grievance Redressal System for Students

- SRMU as Knowledge Partner for Spoken Tutorial Projects with IIT Mumbai: Congratulations to SRMU!!

- Access Student Portal through Website (Session 2019-20)

- BCI Approval 2019-20

- Medical Facilites

- Constitution of Proctorial Board (Session 2019-20)

- Medical Facility - Chandan Hospital

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- Recruitment by Cognizant on 20-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Decathlon on 21-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Sapient India on 21-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by NCR Coproration on 21-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Mobiloitte on 23-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by TCS on 24-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by GEP on 25-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Globtier Infotech on 28-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Learning Routes on 28-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by The Bank of New York Mellon on 28-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by NCR Eduservices on 29-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Edukyu on 30-Sep-2020

- Recruitment by Rockstar India on 1-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by SAP on 4-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Vinove Software on 5-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by HCL on 6-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Adnetwork Adsperforms Pvt Ltd on 7-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by SLMG Beverages Pvt. Ltd on 9-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by UXD LAB on 10-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Acuity Knowledge Partner on 10-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by PR POLITICAL on 10-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by VuNet Systems on 10-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Edugorilla on 14-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by LMIH TECHNOLOGIES  on 14-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by InfoLeap on 16-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Hike Education on 17-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by BYJU’s on 20-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by JBM Group on 22-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Singsys on 22-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by on 24-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by NovelVox on 27-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Shining Life Healthcare on 27-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Pin Click on 27-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Analytica Equipments Pvt. Ltd on 27-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Yash Industries on 28-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Centilytics on 28-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by ZNI Wireless Private Limited on 28-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Cloud Analogy on 29-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd on 29-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Informatica on 31-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by IHS Markit on 31-Oct-2020

- Recruitment by Berger Paints on 3-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by  IPHS Technologies on 3-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by DXC Technologies on 3-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Netconnect Global on 3-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Servosys Solutions on 5-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Tech Mahindra on 6-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by  PROPEL GURU on 6-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Spectraforce Technologies on 7-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Info Edge India Ltd on 12-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by FleetX on 19-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by NS Matrix Services Pvt. Ltd on 20-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Ginger Webs on 20-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Superhouse on 20-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by  Dudhi Industries Pvt. Ltd. on 20-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Virtusa Corporation on 21-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by  NovelVox on 21-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Rishabh Software on 24-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Infosys on 25-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Integrated Resources Staffing Private Limited on 26-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by JK Technosoft on 27-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Artech on 27-Nov-2020

- Recruitment by Birla Corp on 2-Dec-2020


- Recruitment by APCO on 4-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by on 5-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by XL Dynamics on 5-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Sigma Trade Wings on 7-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Jaro Education on 7-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Mr. Brown Bakery & Food Products Pvt. Ltd on 8-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Akestech Infotech (P) Ltd on 8-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by WIPRO on 12-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Prime TV India on 12-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by on 14-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by ACC Cement on 14-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Collabera on 16-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Techgrah Consulting on 16-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by RAN Wireless on 18-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Prism Johnson Ltd. on 18-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Hyperzod Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 21-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Hexaware on 22-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by KP Reliable on 22-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by Coforge on 22-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by EXPOSYS DATA LABS on 22-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by uCertify on 29-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by VBeyond Corporation on 29-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by VVDN Technologies Pvt Ltd on 30-Dec-2020

- Recruitment by RUSSELL TECHNOLOGIES INDIA PVT. LTD.  on 4-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by SRDT Pvt. Ltd. on 6-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Finkit on 6-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Royal Enfield on 7-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by NCC Limited on 7-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by HSBC Technology on 8-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by  Pin Click on 9-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by  Webkul on 15-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Vikas Group on 15-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Shalimar Group on 15-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by ShriRam Fortunes Solutions Ltd on 19-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Balaji Construction Company on 21-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by GVK EMRI on 21-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Cvent on 23-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by ICICI Pru on 25-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Triveni Almirah on 27-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by ThoughtWorks on 27-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by T.I.M.E on 30-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by CLAG Tech Pvt. Ltd on 30-Jan-2021

- Recruitment by Surmount Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. on 5-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Just Dial on 10-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Ceremica on 11-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Adobe System on 12-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Prism Cement on 13-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Smart on 15-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Saraswati Hospital on 18-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Darwin Box on 19-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Effectual Services on 20-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Wipro HR Services on 22-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Club Mahindra on 23-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Thakur {ublication on 24-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Majic Edtech on 25-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by PTC Industries on 26-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Lido Learning on 28-Feb-2021

- Recruitment by Vonove Siftware on 3-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Focus Energy on 4-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by W3Villa on 5-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by TechMahindra on 6-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Reliance Securities on 7-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by V4U Techie on 8-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by mSwipeTechnologies on 10-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Wabco India on 12-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Unicorn Denmart on 23-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by care Health Insurance on 24-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by PayTM on 26-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Star health on 29-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Paarth Group on 31-Mar-2021

- Recruitment by Zenus Group on 2-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by India Mart on 3-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Pulsus HealthTech on 4-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by NimbleQ on 5-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Medhaj techno on 6-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Mobcoder on 7-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Sopra Steria on 8-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by IMS Group on 10-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Just Dial / Indospirit on 12-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by British Telecom on 13-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Polycab on 15-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by IIFL on 16-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Metacube on 17-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Fexle Service on 25-Apr-2021

- Recruitment by Bajaj Finance Ltd on 29-Apr-2021

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Events/Upcoming Events

  • DEC
  • 2020

Webinar - Smart Grid Technology

22nd Dec 2020 | 01:00PM - 02:00PM

BY - Dr. Shailendra Singh

  • DEC
  • 2020

Webinar - An Overview of Thermal Power Plant

22nd Dec 2020 | 12:00PM - 01:00PM

BY - Er. Sanjay Kumar Jaiswal

  • DEC
  • 2020

TBRS 2020

4th to 6th Dec 2020

National Symposium On Integrative Medicines & Health

  • SEP
  • 2020

National Webinar of ILS

September 13, 2020 at 11:00AM to 12:00PM

Juvenice in Conflict with Law: By- Dr. Kavita Singh

Apni Pathshala - A CSR Initiative

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Research & Consultancy


SRMU encourages its highly qualified faculty to take up consultancy work so that they are able to contribute in developing research collaborations and maintain longer-term relationships with funders.

Research Papers

Fostering the Spirit of Experimentation, faculty and students are involved in writing research papers. Through these they get a hand on experience in different thrust areas like Engineering, Biotechnology, Natural Sciences, Legal studies and Management to name a few.

Research Projects

Robust Research Environment at SRMU encourages the questioning spirit of faculty and students alike. Opportunities are provided to students to work along with faculty on interesting projects. Majority of them are sponsored projects in association with government or industry.